Saturday, May 14, 2011

We're almost there Wednesday!

Today was the fishbowl on meaning. I thought it went very well except towards the end when we got a little distracted. One week until the final! According to Smith's ideal TED talk schedule you should practice the first two minutes of your talk and work on the slides so you can bring them in and test them. Our final is on Wednesday and Friday so be ready to go. I hope all of your talks are going good!

Today we also made a list of the order of presenters:

1. Karyne H
2. Kimberly
3. Sage S
4. Lauren B
5. Kendall C
6. Anna W
7. Emily B
8. Whitney K
9. Emily W
10. Lauren C
11. Stephen W
12. Jack B
13. Vivian D
14. Elise L
15. Justin G
16. Mitch G
17. James C
18. Abby C
19. Mariah L
20. Megan M
21. John P
22. Ian S
23. Greg M
24. Logan M
25. Johnny C
26. Torri W
27. Avery M
28. Nick M
29. Sean H
30. Mathew C
31. Nick S

About the first 15-18 presenters will go next Wednesday so be ready if that's you!
Good luck!

Here is a link to this week on Smith's page.
Here is a link to the TED talk rubric.

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