Monday, May 9, 2011

Skype With MR. PINK!

Today, during periods two and three, we were offered an amazing opportunity. We were able to Skype with Daniel Pink himself. One by one students were allowed to sit at the table in the front of the forum and ask him any question. It was an incredible experience, and during it students were allowed to discuss their thoughts with each other and the guests on the live blog. During class we reviewed the Skype, what we enjoyed, what we disliked, and ways to improve it if it becomes a part of the curriculum for next year. Most students were in agreement that the questions asked were challenging, and most would have preferred to listening to the answers Mr. Pink had, rather than trying to focus on the blog. We were then given the rest of the hour to use as we wished. Some of the suggested things to work on was reading meaning (fish bowl is on Wednesday), reading the 'Type I or Type X' excerpt from drive (also needs to be read by fishbowl on Wednesday), or our TED talk.


  • A detailed outline of your TED talk should be done by tomorrow.
  • Read 'Type I or Type X' and Meaning by Wednesday for fishbowl.
  • Begin working on your slides! You will need to test them before the end of this week!
  • Write/Practice your TED talk, remember, note cards are not allowed, so in the words of Dan Pink "Practice, practice, practice!!" (another tip from Mr. Pink on your TED talk, put yourself in the audiences shoes, what to they want to hear/know?)

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