Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Thursday of English!

Today was a work day. According o Smith's ideal TED schedule you should practice the first 3 minutes of your talk and finish the slides so you can test them tomorrow. Smith talked about the importance of the first three minutes of your talk. She said to make sure that your audience is still engaged and they aren't bored. A good way to do this is through the use of an engagement piece like asking the audience for a show of hands or anything else you can think of. Remember to think about your presentation from the point of view of the audience.

Here is the list of what order presenters will go in:

1.       Karyne H
2.       Kimberly
3.       Sage S
4.       Lauren B
5.       Kendall C
6.       Anna W
7.       Emily B
8.       Whitney K
9.       Emily W
10.   Lauren C
11.   Stephen W
12.   Jack B
13.   Vivian D
14.   Elise L
15.   Justin G
16.   Mitch G
17.   James C
18.   Abby C
19.   Mariah L
20.   Megan M
21.   John P
22.   Ian S
23.   Greg M
24.   Logan M
25.   Johnny C
26.   Torri W
27.   Avery M
28.   Nick M
29.   Sean H
30.   Mathew C
31.   Nick S
About the first 15-18 presenters will go on Wednesday, so be ready!
Here is a link to this week on Smith's page!
Here is a link to the TED talk rubric!

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