Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fishbowl Thursday!

Today in English, we jumped straight in to our fishbowl on Play and Empathy. I was in the inner circle, where the discussion started slowly. We talked about when play and empathy are actually appropriate. A good point that was made is if you are a safety inspector, you probably wouldn’t want much play involved in the job, while if you’re with your friends running a small business, then there is room for play. The same goes with empathy, you don’t want too much of it in a workplace. We then focused on empathy. There were some could points about world leaders and what would happen if they empathized with everyone else, and how it would lead to peace or war. That’s the gist of what happened in the inner circle. I wasn’t really paying attention to the outer circle, but you can replay what happened here

  As for homework:

                -TED Talk Blog 8 is due tomorrow (Last one! :)

                -Bring your schedules tomorrow, as Smith will be signing them

                -Work on your TED Talks! Smith’s plan is for you to work on a strong outline over the weekend that you can practice with. Here is the rubric if you need it. 

                -Also, if you want to get ahead, read the Meaning chapter of A Whole New Mind 

                -And remember that Monday we will be talking to Dan Pink in the forum during 2nd and 3rd hour, so make sure you tell your teachers you will be gone.

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