Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Short Class of Wednesday the 4th

Today class began with a listing of the somewhat complex homework, it consisted of: Reading the "... and the Special Circumstances When They Do", TEDTalk day (watch and do a final blog on a TEDTalk of choice, Submit the Dan Pink question for monday (by tomorrow) and read PLAY AND EMPATHY for the fishbowl tomorrow.

Next we moved on to discussing the TEDTalk oral presentation.
Which was determined to be worth about 10-14% of the overall grade.

In addition appropriate wear was discussed. This means wearing something that suits the presentation you're giving.

NO NOTE CARDS ARE TO BE PERMITTED! The subject you are presenting on must become a part of you so much so that you can talk about it comfortably without cards.

Order is the next piece. Building a persuasive speech which makes sense with the subject is key to this catagory of grading

The presentation needs to be creative and engaging. Though this catagory is subjective, it is easy to see the difference between subjects that are important to the speaker and those that don't. The presentation must also be rehearsed and comfortable which goes back to the no note cards decree.

It was suggested that the speech be rehearsed as many times as possible and by starting with small building incriments that become the entire speech. This means rehearsing the speech in front of people and with mannerisms and hand movements memorized (posture is key!!).

Address and answer what matters in your TEDTalk. Tell the "why" behind your presentation. Either why it is important to you as a person, the audience, or both for that matter.

Make sure you have decided on the visual system you will use, be it Pecha Kucha or Ignite. The type you use determines how the speech flows so be sure to use the slides while presenting. All work must be sited but it doesn't need to be a slide so feel free to print the work sited and bring it in separately.


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