Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday! (5/2/11)

Today was the last regular Monday of Freshmen year English! Two weeks to go! Fifth hour started by discussing the homework (below) then moved into talking about schedules for next year. If you bring your schedules on Friday, Smith will sign your honors card. After all the questions were answered, we watched the Dave Eggers TED Talk. While Dave Egger’s talk was playing, Ms. Smith walked around and talked to us, one-on-one about our TED Talks and thesis statements. Everyone seemed to get lots accomplished. Have a wonderful last few weeks of school everyone!

Reminder: Next Monday we will be Skyping with Daniel Pink during 2 and 3 hour. Make sure to get the work you will be missing ahead of time!
·         Blog 6 due tomorrow
·         Blog 7 due Wednesday
·         Blog 8 due Thursday
·         Work on TED Talk
·         Submit questions to Daniel Pink by Thursday

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