Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruby Tuesday!

Today in class, after starting off with our usual ‘Hello Smith!’, we basically outlined the entire week leading up to finals. Smith gave us some helpful information such as the timeline for our TEDTalk planning; she suggested we practice the first minute tonight, then add on the second minute on Wednesday, and so on. By following this course, the entire talk would be completed by Saturday, and Sunday would provide some time for final tweaks and touch-ups. Also, this would allow one to practice their first minute 7 times! Students should also aspire to have their slides done by Thursday in order to view them from the back of the room in order to avoid mishaps or to change them if they turn out the be illegible. Of course, with everyone atwitter over our Skype with Dan Pink, it took a while for the class to calm down at the start of class, but then we were able to get all of our thoughts our during the debrief. Some positive thoughts were:
·         Pink listened to our questions and treated us as equals, displaying real interest
·         Pink always had cognitive and clear answers
·         Pink didn’t only draw from his own opinions but also addressed other concepts
·         We asked plenty of insightful and thought-provoking questions
·         Pink was a very casual, normal person
Others had constructive criticism, such as:
·         I wish this was in Fishbowl format so I could talk!
Once we had run out of comments, Smith graciously granted us a free work day before our Fishbowl tomorrow. Our activity choices were to read “Type I and Type X”, a selection from Drive by Daniel Pink, to begin compiling our Powerpoint slides for our Ignite or Pecha Kucha presentations, or to begin converting our talk outline into true speech form.

Homework Tonight:
·         Practice the 1st minute of your TEDTalk
·         Read “Meaning” in A Whole New Mind to prepare for the Fishbowl tomorrow
o   Presenters are: Caleb S, Maddie F, Luke B, Noah G, and Savannah C
o   Discussers are: Chad C, Chris R, Janie E, Brendan M, and Brooke R
·         Read “Type I and Type X”, annotate if needed
o   (Copies can be found in C-11)
·         Make progress on your presentation slides—never hurts to be ahead of schedule!
Also, today is a Writing Lab Day in the Study Center.
To end my scribe on a positive note, here is a fun fact: Today is National Shrimp Day! Celebrate accordingly. (:
                            The Honors English Classes Skyping with Daniel Pink!

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