Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scary Friday

Hey this is Caleb's Scribe

It was a really easy day today. We had to turn in our SAT 8 exercises, and we also had our test on those words. The test was to "create" a Facebook for a character in Fahrenheit 451. We also had a reality check today with Mrs. Smith, so she could know how we are doing in school and in our lives.  We also spent some time talking about the requirements for the Banned Book Project. 

Banned Book Project: This is due by November 8th. Remember to be creative and to dazzle the audience. 

Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 136-165 by Monday (for the Fishbowl).

Have a good Halloween!

Simple Friday! – Happy Halloween!

Hey guys again this is Lauren's scribe

Today was a simple day, we had an SAT 8 quiz, turned in our exercises and talked about our Banned Book Project. Our SAT was to create a Facebook page for a character in Fahrenheit 451 and use all of the SAT vocabulary words within the page.

  • Banned Book – Arts/Smith/Book Fair Book Presentation.doc
    • Be sure you have read it and understand it, the project is due next Monday the 8th.
    • BE SUPER CREATIVE PEOPLE! THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN SHINE! 3D and 2D projects are always fun and maybe incorporate some technology.
    • Make sure you have a printed out version of a synopsis in YOUR own words as well as the rubric itself. (Don’t give away the ending!)
    • Also have research on why the book is banned from a reliable source printed out. (Remember to cite your sources.)
    • Take a side on whether or not it should be banned, don’t be indecisive!
    • Lastly: Dazzle your audience! And good luck!

  • Pages 136 to 165 of Fahrenheit 451 by this Monday.

Class Notes:
  • Don’t talk when Smith is talking, that never works out well!
  • Have fun creating an awesome and creative project for Banned Books!
  • Create more Internet ties when doing Fishbowl, like linking a webpage that relates to the discussion.
  • Outer Circle in Fishbowl also needs to come in and give their input once in a while.
  • And most important of all: HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

-Lauren Bell

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fishbowl is Almost COMPLETE!!

Thursday the 28th  period 2

            The day started out like always. Though I must say, we have been getting better at saying “hello” if anything. The homework is to read your banned book and work on the project (linked and described below), SAT lesson 8 (the test is tomorrow), and read pages 136-165 in Fahrenheit 451 by Monday.
“Banned Book Fair” paper:
  • Link to the assignment Banned Book Fair Assignment
  • If the link doesn’t work, this is on her webpage.
  • You must have a synopsis of the book, which includes:
o   Strong topic sentence
o   Summary of the book
o   Strong conclusion/concluding sentence(DON’T GIVE AWAY ENDING!!)
·         Research why and where it was challenged (works cited)
·         Use internal citation if it is needed
·         Take a side on the issue. Whether or not it should be banned. Argue that issue

“Banned Book Fair” project:
Make this as creative as possible. Use everything you can. Maybe include 3D along with 2D but it’s totally up to you if you want to do that. “If you want to go back to elementary school and use poster board *shudder*, you may do that,” (Smith. Approx. 9:30 this morning). It must represent your book, fit on your side of the desk, and the sky is the limit. There is no single way to do this. All you have to remember is that every aspect of this must fit to your book.

The fishbowl today was on 91-136
·         Here’s a Link the live blog
·         This isn’t in the blog, but there were A LOT of connections to LOF and Macbeth today!

Randomness in class today:
  • We decided that scantron tests are not a life skill
  • Macbeth essays were returned and are in the grade book….ACTIVE!!
  • I've noticed that the blogs are getting less and less comments. This is probably a good thing, considering how hectic it was on the first day.
I wish you luck in your daily endeavors,
                Clairissa Hansen

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Sick Day for Smith

After beginning class with an expedition for the teacher version of the SAT workbook, which we couldn't find, we asked our peers for help with any SAT questions we were unsure of. Once through with those, we moved on to our quiz for part two of Fahrenheit 451; The Sand and the Sieve. After we finished we were given free time to work on our SAT exercises, or read Fahrenheit 451 and our banned book.HW: The fishbowl discussion for 91-136 is tomorrow, so brush up on the reading if needed, finish up any SAT that you may have remaining, and continue reading your banned book. We will discuss the project that goes along with it tomorrow.

The timing of is a little off, but for those who are interested here is this week's power point.

Fahrenheit 451 91-136 Period 5

Fahrenheit 451 91-136 Period 2

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Thank Goodness it's almost Friday Thursday

Hi all!
Today in Mrs. Smith's 2nd block Honors English was more of a work day. We worked on our Symbolic Elements pictures, and they are really shaping up! These will be due Monday, so have them ready. SAT exercises are due tomorrow, and we will also be having our quiz. If you check the slideshows on Mrs. Smith's webpage, it says something about a referral to Mr. Booth, so the suspense is building. Also tomorrow is the part 2 quiz on Farenheit 451, so you may want to skim the text again. Remember to keep reading your banned book!
Here are some useful links if you need them:
Mrs. Smith's webpage 

Mrs. Smith's Slideshows

"To all of those watching and listening; good night, and good luck." -Edward R. Murrow

*EDIT* Sorry that this is late. I had a problem posting and realized this post was not on the webpage.

Stressed Smith Tuesday

·         Read 91-136 (quiz on part 2 tomorrow)
·         Read Banned Book (will talk about the project on Thursday)
·         SAT work
Some important things we talked about was; if you still haven’t turned in your Macbeth essay rewrite then the order is graded one on bottom, then any version with Smith’s or writing lab teacher’s note/comments, and last your final rewrite. Also that Smith wasn’t here Monday because her son was sick and she was stressed out because it wsn’t exactly expected and planned so she had to change our schedule for the week. This is what it looks like: 
·         Fahrenheit quiz (over part 2)
·         Reading/ work time
·         SAT questions lead by Savannah
·         We will have a substitute teacher tomorrow
·         We might talk about the Banned Book project (Smith will Skype in)
·         Fishbowl (Smith will be back)
·         Talk about the Banned Book project (if not on Wednesday)
It is also on her weekly powerpoint which I have included a link to:

We had our fishbowl discussion that was postponed from Monday. Here is a link to the blogging fishbowl
During the end of our fishbowl, Smith jumped in and said in several different ways, how important it was to her that we think for ourselves and not just regurgitate   information.  She explained how Bradbury was correct in all of his predictions and as an example told us to go home and time how much of the news and TV is actual news, not just “fluff.”
Period 2 Fishbowl Blog
Week 11

451 Fishbowl period 5

Today Mrs. Smith greeted the class as usual with a cheery 'Hello Class!' which was then met with a less enthusiastic 'Hello Smith'. Mrs. Smith then launched into an explanation as to why we had a sub the previous day; she also stated that if us students ever have any doubts about what we're supposed to do, to skype her and ask the question.
The entire day was focused on the fishbowl for Fehrenheit 451 pages 68-91 by Ray Bradbury. Here is a link to a sparknotes summary of the entire part two, 'The Seive and the Sand' if you need to catch up, The inner circle brought up some good points and so did the outer circle in the blog if you want to check them out or need a better understanding of the novel. The discussion went all of the way up to the bell without any of the students noticing which just shows how into the discussions all of us were.
Mrs. Smith explained that for the rewrite format, you needed the original copy of your Macbeth essay, then your edited copy with a teacher's edits from writing lab, then your new copy on top to be eligible to turn them in.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sub Day!!!!!

I know we all wondered where smith was but were “unaware” of her absence. We all seemed happy when the sub rated us higher than 2nd hour.
Today in Mrs. Smith’s 5th hour English class,
·         We worked on and later presented our elements for Fahrenheit 451. To recap this very riveting experience, the following elements; salamander, phoenix, color, Mildred, old woman, and animals were presented.
·         No fishbowl! We did not make it to the fishbowl but that will occur tomorrow. Make sure if you are signed up to participate in the inner circle, make sure you can make it to class tomorrow. If you do not, smith will hunt you down, not really but you can at least go online to the blog and take part in the outer circle discussion while you watch your scary movies getting ready for this weekend.
  • MAKE SURE TO TURN IN THOSE EDITS!!!!! If you were absent you may have missed the most important day this week, macbeth essay revision turn in day
·         At the end of the class we just worked on work for class
o   Reading our banned book or Fahrenheit 451
o   Working on SAT 8 which is do Friday

Homework- The link to the homework for the week is here.
We all hope Mrs. Smith’s son gets better because strep throat isn’t very fun.

Monday, October 25

Monday, October 25, 2010


The zombies that walked into school after a "restful" weekend quickly awoke, when they discovered that Smith was unexpectedly gone, and there was a sub. But I think we all secretly missed the "Hello Smith."

What was due today:

  • Fahrenheit 451 pg. 68-91 (fishbowl)
  • Macbeth Essay edits
  • Symbolic Elements group projects

What we did in class today:

  • Presented brief explanations of symbolic elements projects (Clarisse, fire, books, porches, ventilator grille, pills, hands, dandelions, lighter, and the moon).
  • The remaining class time was spent catching up on work: either reading Fahrenheit 451, doing the SAT words for this week, or reading banned books.
  • Due to Smith's absence, we did not do the Fishbowl for Fahrenheit pages 68-91, so we will be doing that tomorrow.


· Discussers and presenters for fishbowl tomorrow, bring good questions

· Fahrenheit 451 pg. 91-136-due Wednesday, October 27 (Fishbowl)

· SAT #8-due Friday, October 29

· SAT #8 quiz-on Friday, October 29

· Read Banned Book-project will be due sometime at the beginning of November, so do not be caught the night before finishing the book!

*Courtney Belin made state for Cross Country! Congrats Courtney!! *

Fahrenheit 451 68-91 Period 5

Fahrenheit 451 68-91 Period 2

Friday, October 22, 2010

Smith Gets in Trouble...?
English 9 Honors period 2 10/22/10

Riddle: What causes kids to become overly excited, energetic, relieved, and glad to be them? FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, we kicked off class by going over the power point, where Smith told us what new, fun, and exciting things we were going to do today.
What was accomplished: Took SAT quiz #7: Smith got us legit referrals from the office, where we kindly (or not) wrote a referral about Mrs. Smith to Mr. Booth, correctly using all 15 vocab words (remember...she was the one grading them). We then had free time to work more on our Fahrenheit 451 symbolism projects, reading Fahrenheit 451 or reading our banned books.
Homework: Read pages 91-136 in Fahrenheit 451 (the fishbowl for this is not until Wednesday, but it might be a good idea to read them over the weekend), read your Banned Book (we will go over the project for this on Thursday), Symbolism Projects (these are due Monday!), and Macbeth essay revisions (these are also due Mon., you had to have at least seen Mrs. Smith, someone in the English office, or have gone to writing lab, she wants the old rubric and the old version as well as the revised version. Fishbowl presenters/discussers for 451 pgs. 68-91 need to also come prepared for their discussion on Monday!
What to do if you were absent, or completely clueless: Make up SAT quiz (see Mrs. Smith), email Mrs. Smith or talk to Mrs. Smith on Monday. There are no excuses for late symbolism projects!!!
Symbolism Project Checklist (the checks actualy work!)

An atomic number (451)
Rating of 1-10 on a significance scale (with 1 being hardly significant  and 10 being the complete focus of the book), if you have no where to put it, put it on a plane in the sky (just an idea)
A chemical abbreviation for your symbol (ex. Sidewalk is SW, can be anything)
Quotes that explain the importance of the symbol
A creative drawing that helps explains the symbol
Name, etc. (on back)

October 21 Sub Day

 Today Mr. Rosenberg our fantastic sub for the day reviewed our homework for the week. Speaking of which remember to finish up your Fahrenheit 451 Symbolism group projects.Make sure to include..AN atomic number.
 a symbol
a good representation of your symbolic word
Rate the importance of the symbolism
They are due Monday. Also SAT word exercises are due Tomorrow, come prepared for the group test!
Keep reading your banned book. It is due November 9th. 
Also read pages 68-91 by Monday and come prepared for the fish bowl.
IMPORTANT: Macbeth essay revisions are due Monday, meet with Smith for her opinion if you have not already!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21th
Today, in Smith's wonderful Honors English class, Smith was gone. It was very strange to not receive "Hello, class," and say our usual "Hello, Smith" in return. Class felt very empty, and seriously lacking without it.

Today in class:
-we worked on our periodic table symbol project, which includes the following:
-an atomic number (451)
-a rating from 1-10 for importance
-a chemical abbreviation
-an illustration showing the meaning of your symbol

-remember to be reading you banned book
-SAT 7 Exercises are due tomorrow
-symbolism projects are due on Monday
-revised Macbeth essays are due on Monday
-if you are unsure how to revise you essay, meet with Smith or follow this link: Writing a Comparison Essay
-read pages 68-91 in Fahrenheit 451 by Monday

Have a fantastic Thursday night!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunny PLC Wednesday

“Hello Smith!” After a sunny warm lunch, we all came in smiling and happy to Smith’s 5th hour class.
Tomorrow Smith will be gone, so it is a work day for the symbolic element project! Remember to bring all needed materials to class like colored pencils, markers, and other materials your group decided on.
Pages 68-91 are due on Monday for the fishbowl. It’s a good idea to read your banned book and save 451 for the weekend. You must have the banned book finished by November 8.
SAT 7 – “sagacious” (one of Smith’s favorite words) - is due Friday. Today we asked questions on certain exercises and sentences that were confusing. 
The revisions for the Macbeth essay are due Monday. If you have not visited writing lab or Smith, it is a good idea to get some help.
Towards the end of the period, we took a quiz on pages 41-68 of Fahrenheit 451. Because the first quiz produced very bad results, we brainstormed ways to do better on the tests. Smith took about 5 minutes before the quiz to review and discuss these pages. Getting good grades on these tests involves looking at details and really understanding what you read. If you need help with this, I am sure someone who does understand will be willing to help you.
Tomorrow is the volleyball game against Creek! Come cheer on our teams!
Link to how to ask a great questions for fishbowl -

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Project! Peiriod Five

Today, we accomplished:
1.       Taking a quiz on pages 1-40 on Fahrenheit 451.
2.       Getting some work done on SAT #7
3.       We also learned about a new project described below.
As a class, we will create a “periodic table of symbols”, in which each group of 3-4 will get the opportunity to choose a symbol (You cannot choose already chosen symbols) from Fahrenheit 451, and will give it:
1.       A Chemical number of 451
2.       A rating of 1-10 on a significance scale
3.       A chemical abbreviation (example Salamander= Sm). Can be made as creatively as desired
4.       A type of illustration that helps describe its significance and meaning.
Good luck to all groups
-Nicholas Sabo Blogging Demotivator

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday is the New Friday 10/13/10
Hey all- in Smith's period 2 English 9 Honors Class we started the class off more cheerful than usual-it was PSAT testing, so school started at 11! Being well rested and having only 28 min. long classes couldn't have been a more perfect way to start off the long weekend. After finishing up presenting our Wonder Woman Projects we had the entire rest of the class (a whopping 10 min) to work on whatever our hearts desired. A pretty laid-back day, so be prepared to hit it hard for next week!
·         Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 41-68 and bring 3 questions to class. ***NOTE*** People who are either presenters or discussers for the next Fishbowl need to also come prepared for Tuesday.
·         Vote for the best Wonder Woman presentation!!! Ya'll sure want that super duper chocolate cake right? You can do this on the class blog-find where it says Wonder Woman Flies Again Period 2, and there should be a lot of group's initials with a link to their songs and lyrics. Using your cell phone (if you don't have one use your mom's. No cheating- only vote once!!!) text the keyword to 22333 for the group that you thought did the best job.
·         Read your Banned Book, List of Banned Books
·         Read your entire banned book over the long weekend! Take advantage of this time off, and then you won't have to worry about it anymore!
·         Get started on the next week's SAT exercises! You don't know how busy you will be next week!
·         Finish up those Macbeth essay corrections and turn them in sooner rather than later!

Well, Let Them Eat Cake! Period 5

Well, let them eat cake!
We accomplished, well, nothing really, other than reading the banned book, Sat #7 (Get it done early!), and Fahrenheit 451
Vote! How? HOW? HOW?! Simply by sending in a text to 22333 with the message of the number stated below:





 The winner shall receive the best cake in existence: A VIP cake. What is a VIP Cake?
The tongue first touches the warmth of heavy chocolate of the devil’s food cake and moist condensed milk, melting in the mouth delicately as you come across the sticky, warm hot fudge and chewy, sweet toffee in the heath bars. Then a second layer of Devil’s Food and creamlike condensed milk tantalizes you as you come across even more hot fudge, heath bars, and smooth, light, fluffy whipped cream. These massage the senses creating a want greater than Tantalus’s for food and drink. Demons, Beelzebub, and the Devil would all gladly get on their knees and beg to Smith for one of these! Good luck to all the groups! Demons, Beelzebub, and the Devil would all gladly get on their knees and beg to Smith for one of these!

A Very Western Day

country.jpg country music image by xaxcx

Today in Mrs. Smith's Period 2 English class, each group presented their own song in front of the entire class!  Each group consisted of 4-6 people and we had about a week to practice our country song.  We could either create our own or edit another one, so far, most of us had taken other country songs and replaced many of the words with our own and our SAT Vocab words.  After everyone has performed we will all vote to see who was the best, the winner will receive a very special prize.

The homework for tonight is: Read our banned book, Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 41-68 for the fishbowl, and see Mrs. Smith for our Macbeth Redo papers

Wonder Woman Flies Again- Period 5








Wonder Woman Flies Again- Period 2


BRJSMRVH (song file is corrupted- don't hold this against them!)











Poll Everywhere
Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

Monday, October 11, 2010


rymaFISHY, FISHY, FISHY, fishbowl day. Today in the HONORS CLASS we started with a Poll Everywhere poll of “are history books accurate” and “if censorship is never justified”. The results were that history books are somewhat accurate and censorship is somewhat justified. History books
Censorship was said by Courtney that the people choose if the reason is justified. Chris said its fine to censor movies because of age. Maddie said, “It’s always justified but not accurate. Some are comfortable with the levels of the writing. Smith said, what if nothing was false, why do we censor? THE ULTIMATE QUESTION.
We then proceeded to the blog to start a live blog. We started with Smith’s question and explained that we needed to refresh constantly and that all of the responses were good.
We began the discussion with how are the stories challenging the system. Brooke posed the idea that technology isn’t the same as technology and that needs to change.  The system is hard to understand and they have to find a way around it. Andrea said that in Bergeron, that someone was in control and that they had no way around it. The handicapper general has handicaps. Maria said that the system is afraid of an overturn. They don’t want to deal with the people. Maddie said that we were all learning from each other.  Kelly stepped in to reference the Sedition Acts. They would prosecute those that went against the government.  In the Bergeson story, they saw that someone challenged the system and they thought they could to, says Janie.  Maria said that equality was not equal.  Olivia said that the husband and wife didn’t care about being equal.  Maggie said that there are some good and bad. Everyone gets education and money, but not knowledge.  Maria comments that the television made the people docile. Everyone is involved with technology more than their own lives.  Then we discussed how these societies would succeed or fail. Nothing would change if everyone stayed inside. Money would become an item of lesser value.  Robots might take over. Work might be done if the robots were working.  Then to the blinders discussion. They all had their blinders on.  The discussion ended and Mrs. Smith noted that she liked how we referenced the comments and the text on the stories and reading the blog. How do they relate? We needed more people in the inner circle.
HW: was to read 1-40 of 451 and bring questions on sticky notes.

Fahrenheit 451 1-40 Period 5

Fahrenheit 451 1-40 Period 2

Friday, October 8, 2010

Preoid Fvie Turshady

So on Thursday, October 07, 2010, Smith’s period 5 class had a fantabulous time going over our paper grades and how our fishbowl is going to be.

So, after our “Hello Smith” we got right down to business. Firstly, we checked how our grades would have been if the paper had been counted. It is in the gradebook, but it is NOT ACTIVE. Only the rewrite will affect your grade(phew!). Also, about the rewrites, what Smith recommends you do is go home and make corrections on your own first, based on what she commented on, then go to writing lab to get some additional feedback, then go and see Smith before you turn your paper back in. If you got a bad grade on your paper, you ARE NOT A BAD KID. Think of how much you’ll improve by the end of the year. :D

A quick word about conferences: if you have an “A” in Smith’s class, consider not having your parents go to conferences. The ones that need more help are the “D” and “F” students, so consider it.

We then wrote a letter to our parents about conferences, and it said:

-Assess your learning in class so far this semester. Look at participation, growth in writing, comprehension,etc…

-Where do you want to be at the end of the semester?

-How are you going to get there?

-What help can Smith provide to achieve your goal?

This is supposed to be a conversation about your learning, so think of it that way. Print one copy and give it to Ms. Smith, but also make sure your parents get a copy. Either through e-mail or a printed one.

Ok, now onto the fishbowl. Tomorrow, we will have our first fishbowl on Harrison Bergeron, the Pedestrian, and the videos we watched in class. Come with questions, connections, and observations. There are two pieces to the fishbowl. One is the outer circle, where the students will be participating in a live blog with the focus being on the inner circle. Remember to hit F5 to refresh, otherwise you won’t see new comments! The inner circle will be composed of the dicussers and presenters. The discussers’ job is simply to, well, discuss. Talk about the readings, share ideas and points, and be courteous to others. The presenters have to keep the conversation moving, much like Ms. Smith did in the halls for our LOF and Macbeth talks. Discussers and Presenters will be graded out of 50 points. Everyone must sign up to discuss and present once(on different days). For example, one might sign up to discuss to present on Thursday and dicuss on Monday.

HW: Have Farenheit 451 by tomorrow, have Harrison Bergeron and the Pedestrian annotated, and have your banned book and letter. Also continue to work on your Wonder Woman song.

This is Justin, thanks for reading, and goodnight!


Hey guys this is Lauren's Scribe Post but her blogger wasn't working right so here you go... 

Today, we had a discussion about the two videos, A Vision of Students Today ( and Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us (, and the writings, The Pedestrian ( and Harrison Bergeron ( Make sure you understand the connections to the previous books we’ve read and connections to life we talked about today.

  • Read pages 1 – 40 in Fahrenheit 451 and bring higher level thinking question on sticky notes! Presenters should even more questions and facts for discussion on Monday.

  • Also, make sure you work on your Wonder Woman song and make the presentation not like education as usual! This presentation for SAT 6 vocab is due Tuesday!

Wesch, Pedestrian, Harrison Bergeron Period 5

Wesch, Pedestrian, Harrison Bergeron Period 2

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Information Overload Thursday!

Hello fellow Honors students! Im sorry I got this up so late but volleyball took a while longer than expected. ;) Sophomore team won though! To start off, a message from Smith about macbeth comparison papers: Bad grades don't equal you are a bad kid. Because you may have "sucked butt" on this first paper, doesn't mean you will later! Her reason for giving hard assignments: Better to have your butt kicked now, than in college! Very true. But interesting choice of words.
Assignments/Instructions completed and explained in class: Each student had roughly twenty minutes to complete a letter to Smith and their parents (in one) about the semester so far to be discussed at parent-teacher conferences (NOT MANDATORY ATTENDANCE). The letter included an assessment on your learning for the semester so far (ex: participation, growth, annotations, etc.); as well as goals and how you will reach them for the end of the semester, how Smith may be able to help, and a special message to your parents. This could be anything. Like "I want cookies for dinner". No joke. Also, each student was to sign up for a Fish-Bowl job. A fish bowl is a discussion with two circles, Presenters and Discussers on the inside, live bloggers on the outside. Presenters: lead discussion on topics within the reading (tomorrow will be about Wesch videos, Pedestrian, and Harrison Bergeron documents). Discussers: answer questions, talk, and can ask questions. Live Bloggers: keep a live blog about their own questions relating or separate from the inner circle. These jobs will be executed throughout the time we read Farenheight 451.
And finally, the HOMEWORK! Hopefully the in-class time has been productive for each of you and most of this does not apply. Nevertheless, I must send the message. Assignments due tomorrow include, banned books (copy, letter, and reason for banning research recommended), Farenheight 451 copy, and be ready for the Fishbowl discussion! The final assignment due Tuesday is the Wonder Woman song! Be well rehearsed and keep your eyes on the prize.... VIP CAKE! ;P

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Smith 5th hour English 9 Honors

Today in class we had another very productive independent work day! Today you should have:
  • Read and annotated "The Pedestrian" excerpt by Ray Bradbury and the "Harrison Bergeron" short story! Hope you asked some questions and made some great connections.
  •  Also you might have worked a little on you Wonder Woman Song including your SAT Vocab words. Don’t forget to make you song country and use all 15 words. It is well worth the yummy prize at the end!
  • We also finish off our Lord of the Flies tests today. I don’t know about you guys but I really liked that test!
Your homework for tonight was to:
  • Finish annotating “The Pedestrian" excerpt by Ray Bradbury and the "Harrison Bergeron”. Make sure to come up with questions and connections because we will be discussing these on Friday
  • Remember to bring your copy of Fahrenheit 451 by Friday!
  • Lastly, select a Banned Book for our Banned Book reading. Don't forget to print off the letter and have you parents sign it so that they know what you’re reading! You can find this on Mrs. Smith's Webpage. This is due Friday also.
 Warriors I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday! Remember to get all of your work done and I'll see you in class tomorrow!