Friday, October 22, 2010

Smith Gets in Trouble...?
English 9 Honors period 2 10/22/10

Riddle: What causes kids to become overly excited, energetic, relieved, and glad to be them? FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, we kicked off class by going over the power point, where Smith told us what new, fun, and exciting things we were going to do today.
What was accomplished: Took SAT quiz #7: Smith got us legit referrals from the office, where we kindly (or not) wrote a referral about Mrs. Smith to Mr. Booth, correctly using all 15 vocab words (remember...she was the one grading them). We then had free time to work more on our Fahrenheit 451 symbolism projects, reading Fahrenheit 451 or reading our banned books.
Homework: Read pages 91-136 in Fahrenheit 451 (the fishbowl for this is not until Wednesday, but it might be a good idea to read them over the weekend), read your Banned Book (we will go over the project for this on Thursday), Symbolism Projects (these are due Monday!), and Macbeth essay revisions (these are also due Mon., you had to have at least seen Mrs. Smith, someone in the English office, or have gone to writing lab, she wants the old rubric and the old version as well as the revised version. Fishbowl presenters/discussers for 451 pgs. 68-91 need to also come prepared for their discussion on Monday!
What to do if you were absent, or completely clueless: Make up SAT quiz (see Mrs. Smith), email Mrs. Smith or talk to Mrs. Smith on Monday. There are no excuses for late symbolism projects!!!
Symbolism Project Checklist (the checks actualy work!)

An atomic number (451)
Rating of 1-10 on a significance scale (with 1 being hardly significant  and 10 being the complete focus of the book), if you have no where to put it, put it on a plane in the sky (just an idea)
A chemical abbreviation for your symbol (ex. Sidewalk is SW, can be anything)
Quotes that explain the importance of the symbol
A creative drawing that helps explains the symbol
Name, etc. (on back)

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