Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Thank Goodness it's almost Friday Thursday

Hi all!
Today in Mrs. Smith's 2nd block Honors English was more of a work day. We worked on our Symbolic Elements pictures, and they are really shaping up! These will be due Monday, so have them ready. SAT exercises are due tomorrow, and we will also be having our quiz. If you check the slideshows on Mrs. Smith's webpage, it says something about a referral to Mr. Booth, so the suspense is building. Also tomorrow is the part 2 quiz on Farenheit 451, so you may want to skim the text again. Remember to keep reading your banned book!
Here are some useful links if you need them:
Mrs. Smith's webpage 

Mrs. Smith's Slideshows

"To all of those watching and listening; good night, and good luck." -Edward R. Murrow

*EDIT* Sorry that this is late. I had a problem posting and realized this post was not on the webpage.

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