Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunny PLC Wednesday

“Hello Smith!” After a sunny warm lunch, we all came in smiling and happy to Smith’s 5th hour class.
Tomorrow Smith will be gone, so it is a work day for the symbolic element project! Remember to bring all needed materials to class like colored pencils, markers, and other materials your group decided on.
Pages 68-91 are due on Monday for the fishbowl. It’s a good idea to read your banned book and save 451 for the weekend. You must have the banned book finished by November 8.
SAT 7 – “sagacious” (one of Smith’s favorite words) - is due Friday. Today we asked questions on certain exercises and sentences that were confusing. 
The revisions for the Macbeth essay are due Monday. If you have not visited writing lab or Smith, it is a good idea to get some help.
Towards the end of the period, we took a quiz on pages 41-68 of Fahrenheit 451. Because the first quiz produced very bad results, we brainstormed ways to do better on the tests. Smith took about 5 minutes before the quiz to review and discuss these pages. Getting good grades on these tests involves looking at details and really understanding what you read. If you need help with this, I am sure someone who does understand will be willing to help you.
Tomorrow is the volleyball game against Creek! Come cheer on our teams!
Link to how to ask a great questions for fishbowl -

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