Monday, October 4, 2010

(Surprisingly) Magnificent Monday

Well, I'll just start off by apologizing: cross country kept me a little late today... so sorry if you needed this earlier!

We started off hour two English with the typical "Hello Smith!" and moved onward to discuss our week's plan. Smith has started pulling students for the Lord of the Flies and Macbeth discussions (test), which really isn't as terrifying as you'd think.While she takes out little groups, we watched 2 videos: A Vision of Students Today and Machines are Using Us. We are supposed to reflect on these videos, making sure to be able to describe how it affects us personally, education, and the world. BE PREPARED FOR DISCUSSION ON FRIDAY. 

Smith also introduced our SAT Vocab Quiz for lesson six; we are to use all fifteen vocabulary terms in a country western song about Wonder Woman. We will be performing our songs on Tuesday, October 12, and don't worry you can have a group of up to five students. Smith reminds us to really KNOW Wonder Woman, so use some class time to get some back ground knowledge on her. The plus side to this heap of work: NO EXERCISES. On Wednesday, October 13, we will vote on the best performance and they will win VIP cake. It should be known as RIP cake due to death by sweets. It's Devil's food cake with condensed milk drizzled on top, caramel, heath bar, whipped cream, hot fudge, and really about anything to rot your teeth out layered on top of one another. And the winner gets to eat it in front of the whole class and rub it in their faces (not literally because really who would waste perfectly good cake on a LOSER?).

The last task we face this week is finding a banned or challenged book. We first need to find a book, then need to print off the banned or challenged book letter and GET IT SIGNED BY A PARENT. The book and letter are both due this Friday. When choosing a book, make sure to find evidence of WHY it was banned or challenged and print it off so you don't have to later.  Make sure that you find MORE than one resource that supports why it was banned or challenged. You will need this information for the presentation that will be done on this book.

We turned in our peer grading for Lord of the Flies and our Macbeth books, so if you were absent, get them in ASAP. PLUS ALSO: we're finally getting into our "What does it take to challenge the System" unit.


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