Friday, October 8, 2010

Preoid Fvie Turshady

So on Thursday, October 07, 2010, Smith’s period 5 class had a fantabulous time going over our paper grades and how our fishbowl is going to be.

So, after our “Hello Smith” we got right down to business. Firstly, we checked how our grades would have been if the paper had been counted. It is in the gradebook, but it is NOT ACTIVE. Only the rewrite will affect your grade(phew!). Also, about the rewrites, what Smith recommends you do is go home and make corrections on your own first, based on what she commented on, then go to writing lab to get some additional feedback, then go and see Smith before you turn your paper back in. If you got a bad grade on your paper, you ARE NOT A BAD KID. Think of how much you’ll improve by the end of the year. :D

A quick word about conferences: if you have an “A” in Smith’s class, consider not having your parents go to conferences. The ones that need more help are the “D” and “F” students, so consider it.

We then wrote a letter to our parents about conferences, and it said:

-Assess your learning in class so far this semester. Look at participation, growth in writing, comprehension,etc…

-Where do you want to be at the end of the semester?

-How are you going to get there?

-What help can Smith provide to achieve your goal?

This is supposed to be a conversation about your learning, so think of it that way. Print one copy and give it to Ms. Smith, but also make sure your parents get a copy. Either through e-mail or a printed one.

Ok, now onto the fishbowl. Tomorrow, we will have our first fishbowl on Harrison Bergeron, the Pedestrian, and the videos we watched in class. Come with questions, connections, and observations. There are two pieces to the fishbowl. One is the outer circle, where the students will be participating in a live blog with the focus being on the inner circle. Remember to hit F5 to refresh, otherwise you won’t see new comments! The inner circle will be composed of the dicussers and presenters. The discussers’ job is simply to, well, discuss. Talk about the readings, share ideas and points, and be courteous to others. The presenters have to keep the conversation moving, much like Ms. Smith did in the halls for our LOF and Macbeth talks. Discussers and Presenters will be graded out of 50 points. Everyone must sign up to discuss and present once(on different days). For example, one might sign up to discuss to present on Thursday and dicuss on Monday.

HW: Have Farenheit 451 by tomorrow, have Harrison Bergeron and the Pedestrian annotated, and have your banned book and letter. Also continue to work on your Wonder Woman song.

This is Justin, thanks for reading, and goodnight!

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