Monday, October 11, 2010


rymaFISHY, FISHY, FISHY, fishbowl day. Today in the HONORS CLASS we started with a Poll Everywhere poll of “are history books accurate” and “if censorship is never justified”. The results were that history books are somewhat accurate and censorship is somewhat justified. History books
Censorship was said by Courtney that the people choose if the reason is justified. Chris said its fine to censor movies because of age. Maddie said, “It’s always justified but not accurate. Some are comfortable with the levels of the writing. Smith said, what if nothing was false, why do we censor? THE ULTIMATE QUESTION.
We then proceeded to the blog to start a live blog. We started with Smith’s question and explained that we needed to refresh constantly and that all of the responses were good.
We began the discussion with how are the stories challenging the system. Brooke posed the idea that technology isn’t the same as technology and that needs to change.  The system is hard to understand and they have to find a way around it. Andrea said that in Bergeron, that someone was in control and that they had no way around it. The handicapper general has handicaps. Maria said that the system is afraid of an overturn. They don’t want to deal with the people. Maddie said that we were all learning from each other.  Kelly stepped in to reference the Sedition Acts. They would prosecute those that went against the government.  In the Bergeson story, they saw that someone challenged the system and they thought they could to, says Janie.  Maria said that equality was not equal.  Olivia said that the husband and wife didn’t care about being equal.  Maggie said that there are some good and bad. Everyone gets education and money, but not knowledge.  Maria comments that the television made the people docile. Everyone is involved with technology more than their own lives.  Then we discussed how these societies would succeed or fail. Nothing would change if everyone stayed inside. Money would become an item of lesser value.  Robots might take over. Work might be done if the robots were working.  Then to the blinders discussion. They all had their blinders on.  The discussion ended and Mrs. Smith noted that she liked how we referenced the comments and the text on the stories and reading the blog. How do they relate? We needed more people in the inner circle.
HW: was to read 1-40 of 451 and bring questions on sticky notes.

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  1. So about the reading for pages 41-68 in F451, when is that due? Monday?