Monday, October 4, 2010

A Spankdilyicious Day in Clas

Class today was very busy. So here is a list of the many things we did and still need to do.

  • Make sure to have a copy of Fahrenheit 451  by friday.

  • Google a banned book that you would like to read, or look at this list Challenged Book List (can also be found on smith's page).  ~You need to have your parents sign off on the letter that can be found on Smith's page, or right here! ->  Letter to Parents for Banned/Challenged Book .~Most importantly you need to prove why it is banned. Find "documented proof" and write about when, where, and why the book was banned. Another good Place to look is American Library Association .
  • We got together with a group who we are going to write a song with for our vocab activity of the week. But this isn't just any song. It's about Smith's idol, Wonder Woman! So come up with ideas and do research on Wonder Woman for tomorrow. A good website to help those of you who are not musically inclined is but that seems to be under construction. The group that writes the best song will win a delicious cake! We are under oath to do a "spankdilyicious" job on these songs. You do not have to do Lesson 5 in your SAT books if you took the above oath. 
  • In class we turned in our Lord of the Flies annotations that we graded, and recieved our graded  annotations back. We also returned our Macbeth books.
  • Some of us had our Macbeth discussion tests. The rest of us will finish next class. While these discussions were going on, the rest of us had work time. 
  • This was the to do list the Smith wrote on the board.. 1. Watch two videos:  A Vision of Students Today  and  Machines are Using Us (These are found on Youtube ) and look for personal, educational, and world implications2. Banned book letter and documentation    3. Check in LOF with Sean  4. Check in Macbeth with Anna. 5. Pick up LOF annotations.                                                                    

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