Monday, October 18, 2010

New Project! Peiriod Five

Today, we accomplished:
1.       Taking a quiz on pages 1-40 on Fahrenheit 451.
2.       Getting some work done on SAT #7
3.       We also learned about a new project described below.
As a class, we will create a “periodic table of symbols”, in which each group of 3-4 will get the opportunity to choose a symbol (You cannot choose already chosen symbols) from Fahrenheit 451, and will give it:
1.       A Chemical number of 451
2.       A rating of 1-10 on a significance scale
3.       A chemical abbreviation (example Salamander= Sm). Can be made as creatively as desired
4.       A type of illustration that helps describe its significance and meaning.
Good luck to all groups
-Nicholas Sabo Blogging Demotivator

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