Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simple Friday! – Happy Halloween!

Hey guys again this is Lauren's scribe

Today was a simple day, we had an SAT 8 quiz, turned in our exercises and talked about our Banned Book Project. Our SAT was to create a Facebook page for a character in Fahrenheit 451 and use all of the SAT vocabulary words within the page.

  • Banned Book – Arts/Smith/Book Fair Book Presentation.doc
    • Be sure you have read it and understand it, the project is due next Monday the 8th.
    • BE SUPER CREATIVE PEOPLE! THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN SHINE! 3D and 2D projects are always fun and maybe incorporate some technology.
    • Make sure you have a printed out version of a synopsis in YOUR own words as well as the rubric itself. (Don’t give away the ending!)
    • Also have research on why the book is banned from a reliable source printed out. (Remember to cite your sources.)
    • Take a side on whether or not it should be banned, don’t be indecisive!
    • Lastly: Dazzle your audience! And good luck!

  • Pages 136 to 165 of Fahrenheit 451 by this Monday.

Class Notes:
  • Don’t talk when Smith is talking, that never works out well!
  • Have fun creating an awesome and creative project for Banned Books!
  • Create more Internet ties when doing Fishbowl, like linking a webpage that relates to the discussion.
  • Outer Circle in Fishbowl also needs to come in and give their input once in a while.
  • And most important of all: HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

-Lauren Bell

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