Thursday, October 7, 2010

Information Overload Thursday!

Hello fellow Honors students! Im sorry I got this up so late but volleyball took a while longer than expected. ;) Sophomore team won though! To start off, a message from Smith about macbeth comparison papers: Bad grades don't equal you are a bad kid. Because you may have "sucked butt" on this first paper, doesn't mean you will later! Her reason for giving hard assignments: Better to have your butt kicked now, than in college! Very true. But interesting choice of words.
Assignments/Instructions completed and explained in class: Each student had roughly twenty minutes to complete a letter to Smith and their parents (in one) about the semester so far to be discussed at parent-teacher conferences (NOT MANDATORY ATTENDANCE). The letter included an assessment on your learning for the semester so far (ex: participation, growth, annotations, etc.); as well as goals and how you will reach them for the end of the semester, how Smith may be able to help, and a special message to your parents. This could be anything. Like "I want cookies for dinner". No joke. Also, each student was to sign up for a Fish-Bowl job. A fish bowl is a discussion with two circles, Presenters and Discussers on the inside, live bloggers on the outside. Presenters: lead discussion on topics within the reading (tomorrow will be about Wesch videos, Pedestrian, and Harrison Bergeron documents). Discussers: answer questions, talk, and can ask questions. Live Bloggers: keep a live blog about their own questions relating or separate from the inner circle. These jobs will be executed throughout the time we read Farenheight 451.
And finally, the HOMEWORK! Hopefully the in-class time has been productive for each of you and most of this does not apply. Nevertheless, I must send the message. Assignments due tomorrow include, banned books (copy, letter, and reason for banning research recommended), Farenheight 451 copy, and be ready for the Fishbowl discussion! The final assignment due Tuesday is the Wonder Woman song! Be well rehearsed and keep your eyes on the prize.... VIP CAKE! ;P

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