Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fishbowl is Almost COMPLETE!!

Thursday the 28th  period 2

            The day started out like always. Though I must say, we have been getting better at saying “hello” if anything. The homework is to read your banned book and work on the project (linked and described below), SAT lesson 8 (the test is tomorrow), and read pages 136-165 in Fahrenheit 451 by Monday.
“Banned Book Fair” paper:
  • Link to the assignment Banned Book Fair Assignment
  • If the link doesn’t work, this is on her webpage.
  • You must have a synopsis of the book, which includes:
o   Strong topic sentence
o   Summary of the book
o   Strong conclusion/concluding sentence(DON’T GIVE AWAY ENDING!!)
·         Research why and where it was challenged (works cited)
·         Use internal citation if it is needed
·         Take a side on the issue. Whether or not it should be banned. Argue that issue

“Banned Book Fair” project:
Make this as creative as possible. Use everything you can. Maybe include 3D along with 2D but it’s totally up to you if you want to do that. “If you want to go back to elementary school and use poster board *shudder*, you may do that,” (Smith. Approx. 9:30 this morning). It must represent your book, fit on your side of the desk, and the sky is the limit. There is no single way to do this. All you have to remember is that every aspect of this must fit to your book.

The fishbowl today was on 91-136
·         Here’s a Link the live blog
·         This isn’t in the blog, but there were A LOT of connections to LOF and Macbeth today!

Randomness in class today:
  • We decided that scantron tests are not a life skill
  • Macbeth essays were returned and are in the grade book….ACTIVE!!
  • I've noticed that the blogs are getting less and less comments. This is probably a good thing, considering how hectic it was on the first day.
I wish you luck in your daily endeavors,
                Clairissa Hansen

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