Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stressed Smith Tuesday

·         Read 91-136 (quiz on part 2 tomorrow)
·         Read Banned Book (will talk about the project on Thursday)
·         SAT work
Some important things we talked about was; if you still haven’t turned in your Macbeth essay rewrite then the order is graded one on bottom, then any version with Smith’s or writing lab teacher’s note/comments, and last your final rewrite. Also that Smith wasn’t here Monday because her son was sick and she was stressed out because it wsn’t exactly expected and planned so she had to change our schedule for the week. This is what it looks like: 
·         Fahrenheit quiz (over part 2)
·         Reading/ work time
·         SAT questions lead by Savannah
·         We will have a substitute teacher tomorrow
·         We might talk about the Banned Book project (Smith will Skype in)
·         Fishbowl (Smith will be back)
·         Talk about the Banned Book project (if not on Wednesday)
It is also on her weekly powerpoint which I have included a link to:

We had our fishbowl discussion that was postponed from Monday. Here is a link to the blogging fishbowl
During the end of our fishbowl, Smith jumped in and said in several different ways, how important it was to her that we think for ourselves and not just regurgitate   information.  She explained how Bradbury was correct in all of his predictions and as an example told us to go home and time how much of the news and TV is actual news, not just “fluff.”
Period 2 Fishbowl Blog
Week 11

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