Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Smith 5th hour English 9 Honors

Today in class we had another very productive independent work day! Today you should have:
  • Read and annotated "The Pedestrian" excerpt by Ray Bradbury and the "Harrison Bergeron" short story! Hope you asked some questions and made some great connections.
  •  Also you might have worked a little on you Wonder Woman Song including your SAT Vocab words. Don’t forget to make you song country and use all 15 words. It is well worth the yummy prize at the end!
  • We also finish off our Lord of the Flies tests today. I don’t know about you guys but I really liked that test!
Your homework for tonight was to:
  • Finish annotating “The Pedestrian" excerpt by Ray Bradbury and the "Harrison Bergeron”. Make sure to come up with questions and connections because we will be discussing these on Friday
  • Remember to bring your copy of Fahrenheit 451 by Friday!
  • Lastly, select a Banned Book for our Banned Book reading. Don't forget to print off the letter and have you parents sign it so that they know what you’re reading! You can find this on Mrs. Smith's Webpage. This is due Friday also.
 Warriors I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday! Remember to get all of your work done and I'll see you in class tomorrow!

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