Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21th
Today, in Smith's wonderful Honors English class, Smith was gone. It was very strange to not receive "Hello, class," and say our usual "Hello, Smith" in return. Class felt very empty, and seriously lacking without it.

Today in class:
-we worked on our periodic table symbol project, which includes the following:
-an atomic number (451)
-a rating from 1-10 for importance
-a chemical abbreviation
-an illustration showing the meaning of your symbol

-remember to be reading you banned book
-SAT 7 Exercises are due tomorrow
-symbolism projects are due on Monday
-revised Macbeth essays are due on Monday
-if you are unsure how to revise you essay, meet with Smith or follow this link: Writing a Comparison Essay
-read pages 68-91 in Fahrenheit 451 by Monday

Have a fantastic Thursday night!!

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