Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Wonderful Wednesday in Smith's 2nd hour

Today was another very busy day in English class. Here is a list of what we did today and what our homework is.
  • In class today you should have read The Pedestrian, annotated it, asked questions and made connections.
  • You also should have been working in your groups on your Wonder Woman song... make sure it has all 15 SAT words in it!
  • We finally completed all of our Macbeth and Lord of the Files discussions (test) with Mrs. Smith today!
Here is our homework..
  • You will need to have your copy of Fahrenheit 451 by Friday!!
  • Find a Banned Book, and make sure you fill out the letter which you can find on Mrs. Smith's web page. This needs to be signed by your parents. The letter and book are due on Friday.
  • If you haven't read and annotated Harrison Bergeron you should also do that for homework. We will be discussing this and The Pedestrian on Friday.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday Warriors!!

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