Monday, October 25, 2010

Sub Day!!!!!

I know we all wondered where smith was but were “unaware” of her absence. We all seemed happy when the sub rated us higher than 2nd hour.
Today in Mrs. Smith’s 5th hour English class,
·         We worked on and later presented our elements for Fahrenheit 451. To recap this very riveting experience, the following elements; salamander, phoenix, color, Mildred, old woman, and animals were presented.
·         No fishbowl! We did not make it to the fishbowl but that will occur tomorrow. Make sure if you are signed up to participate in the inner circle, make sure you can make it to class tomorrow. If you do not, smith will hunt you down, not really but you can at least go online to the blog and take part in the outer circle discussion while you watch your scary movies getting ready for this weekend.
  • MAKE SURE TO TURN IN THOSE EDITS!!!!! If you were absent you may have missed the most important day this week, macbeth essay revision turn in day
·         At the end of the class we just worked on work for class
o   Reading our banned book or Fahrenheit 451
o   Working on SAT 8 which is do Friday

Homework- The link to the homework for the week is here.
We all hope Mrs. Smith’s son gets better because strep throat isn’t very fun.

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