Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday is the New Friday 10/13/10
Hey all- in Smith's period 2 English 9 Honors Class we started the class off more cheerful than usual-it was PSAT testing, so school started at 11! Being well rested and having only 28 min. long classes couldn't have been a more perfect way to start off the long weekend. After finishing up presenting our Wonder Woman Projects we had the entire rest of the class (a whopping 10 min) to work on whatever our hearts desired. A pretty laid-back day, so be prepared to hit it hard for next week!
·         Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 41-68 and bring 3 questions to class. ***NOTE*** People who are either presenters or discussers for the next Fishbowl need to also come prepared for Tuesday.
·         Vote for the best Wonder Woman presentation!!! Ya'll sure want that super duper chocolate cake right? You can do this on the class blog-find where it says Wonder Woman Flies Again Period 2, and there should be a lot of group's initials with a link to their songs and lyrics. Using your cell phone (if you don't have one use your mom's. No cheating- only vote once!!!) text the keyword to 22333 for the group that you thought did the best job.
·         Read your Banned Book, List of Banned Books
·         Read your entire banned book over the long weekend! Take advantage of this time off, and then you won't have to worry about it anymore!
·         Get started on the next week's SAT exercises! You don't know how busy you will be next week!
·         Finish up those Macbeth essay corrections and turn them in sooner rather than later!

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