Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

Today in class we worked on our Ted Talks, blogs, or questions to Daniel Pink. Smith went around the class and had a one on one conference with all the students about their subject for the final Ted x Talk. If you have not been here you may have to schedule an appointment with Smith during an off hour or after school. Everyone should start to work on the Ted Talk because we only have 11 school days left until the Ted Talk is due.

  • Submit Daniel Pink questions by Thursday morning
  • Blog 7 is due tomorrow
  • Read A Whole New Mind
  • Fishbowl for Play and Empathy is on Thursday
  • All blogs are due by Friday
  • We will be skyping with Daniel Pink on Monday
    • Make sure you have talked to your second and third hour teacher to tell them that you will be gone
Don't give up we still have 12 days left keep trucking through!!!:)

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