Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Blog Posts to Old Movies

Today, 8/31/10, was a busy day. It began with Mrs. Smith reading us the following stories about trust;

A group of friends are at a party, where they decide to take a nap. When they wake up, one of them discovers that their money is missing.

While walking home together, two friends are told by a reliable source that one of them would get an attractive date but they would have to choose between them.

An ambitious man sees an illegal way to become head of his company. He has to decide whether or not to take the opportunity.

After we posted our thoughts on the class blog, we began watching two out of three versions of Macbeth. The first was a very old version produced by Royal Shakespeare Company. It was good acting, but the costumes and sets were very simple.

The second video we started was the English Shakespeare Company's version of Macbeth. It was the same dialogue, but the setting was much different. Instead of Elizebethan Times, this version took place in modern times, with guns instead of swords and bows, and motercycles instead of horses.

That's as far as we got today. Don't forget to do Lesson one in your SAT book, and read and annotate chapters 4-6 in your Lord of the Flies book.

And that's the way it is.
Steven Almer, Signing off.

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