Friday, September 24, 2010

Living the Paparazzi Life

Today in 2nd hour English Honors, the usual PowerPoint was filled up with our daily tasks, however the Word Trace Presentations and the SAT Tabloid Paper took up the bulk of the class.  There was a major change to the introduction of class today because we didn't recite our usual "Hello Smith". After we settled down, Smith told us to take out our planners and jot down the homework for the weekend. (Homework): finish the Lord of the Flies annotations, which are due on Monday. Also don't forget to start on the Macbeth paper, you can choose from one of the three outlines we've completed in the last couple of weeks. Also don't forget to go into Writing Lab, which Smith highly recommends, it takes place in the study center (by the auxiliary gym) on Tuesday and Thursday all day. So go during an off hour.
Next on the agenda was the SAT quiz over this week’s words. The test today involved writing humiliating stories and headlines about celebrities in Microsoft Publisher. This wasn't too difficult because everyone loves besmirching the usual faces in People magazine, so the words came to mind easily.
After we completed our tabloids, we started presenting our word traces. Here are the notes from the groups in 2nd hour (Except for blood who will present on Monday):
Man- what woman thinks of man, what man thinks of man
Natalie, Mackenzie, Brooke, Courtney, Hannah-
Red= what man is supposed to be
Light blue= what woman are supposed to be
White shows quotes that tie them together
LM ask to be a man- woman are portrayed as weak
Look to the lady- ladies are weak, take care of women and tend to them
Are you a man? Questions manhood and stereotypes that we are to live up to
Strong bold men – Macbeth struggles with being a man and what that means
Lady Macbeth is the one who doesn’t struggle with being
Question: do the main characters defy stereo types of their sex?
Night- Jared, Maggie, Dominic, Brendon, Frank, Rachel
Sleep is at night
LM, Banquo, M say it the most, all fear the night
Evil= night
Scary moments happen at night
Visuals to accompany words
Blood happens at night- night covers up deeds
Used Wordle with Prezi to show common links- last included-livelong- interesting interpretation (livelong the night- bad things will always happen at night)
Sleep-Chad, Chris, Aaron, Andrea, Jenna, Olivia-
Death- sleep
Sleep= loss of innocence
Sleep= inner peace; sleep doesn’t come because of bad dreams and loss of innocence- curtained sleep protects king, but curtains have been drawn back.

Hand- Savannah, Anna, Whitney, Victoria, Kelly, Paul
Hand symbolized the actions that were done- hand
Night= is like a glove and covers-up what the hand does
Man= hands are part of man but M blames the hands.  Doesn’t want to accept responsibility for his actions.  Takes away the guilt, justification for his actions.
Blood= symbolize sin and guilt will never go away even though the blood is physically on his hands, it resides inside, Can’t get rid of guilt.
Action of murdering sleep
 Don't forget to print off the rubric
  for the Macbeth paper and to go into Writing Lab on Tuesday and Thursday. Smith said 1st period on Tuesday is the best time to go because there are not as many people in there. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! PLAY HARD IN ALL YOUR GAMES THIS WEEKEND! GO WARRIORS!!!!!

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