Friday, September 24, 2010

Santation day!

As we walked into class we got the wonderful privilege of cleaning the desks. Then as all the dirt was wiped away from the powers of Clorox wipes we were greeted by the usually "Hello Class". Then we jumped right into the regular PowerPoint. Smith also made a recommendation to go to writing lab next week before we turn in our comparison papers. It is every Tuesday and Thursday all day, but not before or after school. The best time to go in is on Tuesday and first period because most people are not there. Also Smith has on her website some helpful links.

Our second order of business was turning in unit four's exercises. Soon after that we started on our PSAT quiz using Microsoft publisher. This week each group of three was employed by a tabloid magazine. We had to make interesting tabloids using our PSAT words.

The two groups that got to present today were hand and sleep.

* Group sleep also used prezi with a tagxedo
* There tagxedo was in the shape of a crown
* Each box of their prezi was a definition or an analyzed word.
* They talked about how Banquo was afraid of the night because King Duncan was killed in the night
* Group sleep also told us that they believe that Shakespeare thinks that by sleeping you are a step away from death.

* Used prezi and in their prezi there was a picture made in tagxedo.
* There tagxedo was in a shape of a hand
* In each box of there prezi there was a different quiz. A group member would analyze it for the class.
* At the end they talked about some main points.
* One of the points the emphasized the most was that your actions are always displayed on your hands and you can never get rid of it no matter how hard you try to.

Not even a minute after group hand was done the bell rung and we all left class.

HOMEWORK: blog questions, LOF annotations, print of the rubric for annotation LOF, and our essay is due on Friday
* There is the rubric and helpful tips on how to annotate on Smith's website


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