Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1 - PLC Day!

After saying our, "Hello Smith!" we realized everyone came to class today except for the scribe, so I’m subbing for him. The class started with asking about SAT Vocab questions, which by the way are due on Friday along with a quiz. We also learned that Jack is a whiz at vocab words. If any of you would like to know, the answer to Exercise III number three part two is “grader.”

Next, we watched Macbeth videos by the English Shakespeare Company and Roman Polansky’s version of Macbeth. Pay close attention, because we need to write a paper on all three videos. Be sure to watch Macbeth until the witches disappear. If you'd like to see the Intro to Shakespeare video, go ahead and click!

After watching the videos, we looked at an outline format for our paper. The paper will be comparing all three films. The outline will be due next Tuesday.

The paper is split up into four parts. Let’s look at the format of the intro.

Intro: Start with attention getters; descriptive words, facts, quotes. *Remember to cite quotes correctly! Example: (Shakespeare 1.2.1-7). Plagiarism = F. Next explain the quote/word/fact. Give a one to two sentence background information on the text (Macbeth). Finally, end with a thesis statement: include titles, directors, and points of comparison.

That’s pretty much all we did with Smith because today was a PLC day.

For homework, do all the exercises in the SAT book except for the essay portion, and study for the vocab test. Both are due Friday. Remember LOF chapters 4-6 are due next Tuesday. No school Monday! Don’t forget to blog for LOF! If you want to look, here's Smith's Powerpoint. Just scroll down the page to First Semester and click Week 3.

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