Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st- Macbeth in three forms

Today, September 1st was a very quick class due to the PLC late start. However, much was accomplished. We start off the class as usual - talking of homework and schedules and the daily "Smith" greeting. Then we finished watching the first scene of English Shakespeare Company's version of Macbeth, following with the Roman Polanski version. Note taking was to be done during both of these clips for the comparison papers everyone will be writing. These papers compare all three versions of the first scene of Macbeth. To finish class, we discussed how to start a paper using proper Intros and how to properly do a citation. HOMEWORK: read Lord of the Flies chapters 4-6 (due Tuesday) Comparison essay outline (due Tuesday) SAT vocab, Lesson 1 due Friday. *******VOCAB TEST ON FRIDAY*******

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