Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macbeth Outlines

Hey everybody in Smith's Honor's English! This is the 8th of September, 2010, I hope everyone's been doing good!! First off today we gave our usual greeting to Smith, and then we wrote down our homework down in our assignment notebooks, here's the order by due date (By what's due the soonest):

Thursday (TOMMOROW):

  1. We have to have to have our partner-edited Macbeth Outlines done, we need to have our intro paragraph written out, our 1st body paragraphs OULINED (Not written, and only the first, not the second and third), and our conclusion paragraph written out. If you wrote an essay instead of an outline, it still needs to be an outline, except for the Intro and Conclusion paragraphs...
  2. Tomorrow is the review date for Macbeth, it's on all of Act 1, scenes 1-7, pages 1-45 in out loaned class copy, come up with as many questions possible of things you don't understand (Related to the book), because we have a test on Friday, which is EXTEMELY nit-picky, such as who said this quote?: "__________________", so be sure to review the book tonight!


  1. Lesson 2 in our SAT books (Pages 25-35), activities 1-5, no essay in this lesson, but exercise 5 is a large reading section with several questions afterwards which you DO have to do...
  2. Test on Macbeth today, hope you studied!!!!


  1. Lord of the Flies Chapters 7-8 read and annotated, and any of the other chapters you haven't done yet...
  2. We'll be doing a second outline in class tomorrow, it'll use a quote from the next part of the 3 Macbeth movies we've been watching (We're watching each movie segment twice, we saw the Royal Shakespeare version once today (The one with a lack of background, costumes, and other props)), so be on the lookout for a quote that jumps out to you to use in your outline...

After we went over our homework, Ms. Smith answered all our questions about the SAT book, and our outlines. Then we read Macbeth scenes 6-7, Nick Moore was our narrator, and we had some excellent actors, with great patience today!! If you didn't read the scenes yet, you most definitely should read them tonight.

If you don't understand what you read Sparknotes has a good summary of scenes 5-7 at this link:

Once we finished the reading Macbeth scenes, we all shared our questions on what we didn't understand.

Once we were done with Macbeth, we talked about how we were going to do our second outline and some rules for them:

  1. If you use a quote, it always has to have a lead in, unless it's your attention getter/grabber
  2. A quote cannot be used by itself, it must ALWAYS, be a part of a sentence, such as: "Quote", is what Person said in Macbeth.
  3. After your quote: Quote (Shakespeare 1.5.16-18). You need to put in parentheses: (Shakespeare Act PERIOD Scene PERIOD Lines). (Without any spaces in between the Act, period, scene, period, and lines).
  4. Once you've finished with all of your quotes, you'll need to go to, and using my book ISBN (The number above your bar code on the back of the book), for an example I'll show what an example bibliography should come out from easybib: 0-395-77553-1, which should come out to be this:, William, and William Shakespeare. Macbeth and Related Readings. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell, 1997. Print.
  5. Here's the outline for how to write an essay with quotes (Thanks to Megan Moore for providing such a complete outline, :)):
  6. Explain the quote
    Background on play Macbeth, not movies
    Thesis: compare all works

    Body Paragraph: T.S.
    Set up first example
    Lead in to the quote
    Explain (how it portrays Lady Macbeth and helps us understand her character)
    Lead in to quote
    Transition, set up quote
    Lead in to quote
    Use same quote for entire paragraph, but analyze how it was filmed/ acted out in each movie and how it affects our interpretation.
  7. No Personal Contractions, EVER: I, me, you, your, we, our

After we went over the rules, we watched the 1st video:

  • It was a dark stage
  • We see Lady Macbeth wearing all black
  • She reads a letter from Macbeth about the expirence he and Macbeth had with the witches
  • A servant comes and tells her of King Duncan's coming
  • She calls on spirits to come and fill her, her voice quavers
  • She disappears into the darkness, screams, runs back
  • She falls to her knees, raises her arms, freezes and her eyes glaze over
  • Macbeth comes, she's happy he's back, they kiss

Then Ms. Smith asked us if we wanted to watch for the 2nd time today, we said no, and other than that we put all our laptops away, cleaned up, and class was over. Hope today went good for everyone!! See everyone tomorrow!!!!

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