Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halfway Through the Week! Wednesday, September 8th Smith's English

Class began with the daily power point stating our homework and agenda for the day. The list of assignments can be found at the end of this post. One of our assignments is the 2nd chapter of the SAT books we received. Smith kept her promise of going over any questions we had on these, every Wednesday, by doing so at the beginning of class. Is it bad I haven’t completed anything in chapter 2 yet? Next we opened our books to try and follow along to the complicated story of Macbeth. We have a quiz on Friday so make sure to ask questions on whatever you don’t understand in class and take notes!!! After all questions were clarified, we went over the format on how to write outlines for our newest assignment, the Lady Macbeth Essay. We have to outline and then type out the full paragraph. The outline can be found below as well. Remember to only pick one quote and only write one body paragraph! That Is due next Monday, September 13th. I wouldn’t start today since we haven’t watched the other two videos yet to compare. Also, don’t forget to edit your partner’s outline on the opening scene of Macbeth! That is due tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th. Not wasting a minute of precious class time, Smith promptly switched us over to a scene on Lady Macbeth from The Royal Shakespeare company. We took notes but the bell rang, so sad, so we have to continue tomorrow! Have a great rest of the short week!

  • Outline due tomorrow-opening scene comments
  • Outline due Monday- Lady Macbeth
  • Blog any Macbeth questions you may have
  • Read LOF through chapter 7
  • SAT questions chapter 2
  • Study SAT Vocab!

Lady Macbeth Paragraph Outline

·  Attention getter (Make sure to use a quote from Macbeth and cite it properly)
 (Cite- Shakespeare-Act.Scene Line. EX: “Quote” Shakespeare  1. 5 16-18)
·  Explain
·  Background
·  Thesis

Body Paragraph:
·  Topic Sentence

·  Set up first example
o   Lead into the quote
o   Quote
o   Explain

·  Set Up Second Example/Transition
o   Lead into quote
o   Quote
o   Explanation

·  Set up Second Example/Transition
o   Lead into Quote
o   Quote
o   Explanation

·  Comparison

·  Conclusion

·  Restate thesis in one sentence
·  Review points of the body paragraph
·  End with satisfying conclusion. Not asking questions, no quotes, don’t introduce new idea, DO tie back to attention getter.

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