Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Period 5

Happy Wednesday! Today in Ms. Smith’s period 5 class we came in with our normal ‘hello Smith’ and quickly sat down. To start we learned the MLA style of formatting our papers, we used a very helpful website that is linked below. After we all felt very comfortable with how to format our paper, we proceeded to watch the Macbeth videos. The class was very amused, to say the least, by the apparition and Macduff family murder scenes! Finally, we finished up with beginning to act out scene 5 of Macbeth! Have a great rest of your Wednesday! The week is halfway over!!!!
Don’t forget—there is writing lab tomorrow to help improve comparison papers!
Tonight’s Homework:
·         SAT exercised and test Friday 10/1
·         Macbeth comparison paper due Friday 10/1
·         Macbeth quiz on act 5 will be Friday 10/1
·         Fahrenheit 451 book by next Wednesday  10/8
·         Bring in comparison paper on flash drive for tomorrow (in MLA style)
Helpful links:
MLA format-
Paper Improvements-

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