Thursday, September 16, 2010

"What would Shakespeare do?" Thursday

We started the day with," Hello Smith!". . . even if we had to do it twice:)
Smith assigned us our homework which was-Read LOF (finish 9-12 by Monday; annotations due by the 27th), study and/or complete lesson three SATs and there is a quiz for tomorrow which we have to. . .Print out colored pictures or words of SPAM (like the canned meat), work on word trace and the Dagger Scene Outline (due Mon.).
Then we took a couple of minutes to exchange our edited papers with our partners and wrote down on the chalkboards what make the qualities of a tragic hero for example,
  • Flaws
    • like the having the "blinders on" and not being able to see anything but what they want
  • Nobility
    • this gives them the ability to have a great downfall if they start high up
    • also most tragic heroes need power (Macbeth needed King Duncan's trust in order for him to come into his home and be murdered (oh the irony)
  • Catharsis ( a cleansing, audience needs to feels like all is right again)
And also what it takes to challenge the system as with
  • Courage
    • Jack had courage to walk away from the main tribe
    • Macbeth had courage to kill Duncan
  • Persistence
    • Ralph keeps urging everyone to keep the fire going
    • Lady Macbeth has to continually push Macbeth towards the murder
  • Confidence
    • Piggy keeps getting put down by the other boys but he knows that what he has to say is valuable so he continues to speak
    • Macbeth doesn't even consider getting caught-he must be very confident
  • Intelligence
    • Jack is smart enough to know that his new troops need fire if they are going to cook the pig
    • Macduff is able to put two and two together to be suspicious of Macbeth killing Duncan
Finally we worked with our word-trace groups to find out who said that word or words pertaining to that word the most often, connections through our quote (like in my group, sleep [yay!], we were to connect what we were talking about to the night group), connotations (Implications) we found relevant, interpreting the word usage and quots. We asked ourselves, "What would Shakespeare do?"
Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a wonderful Homecoming!!!

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