Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Totally Terrifically Normal Tuesday

“Hello smith!” (Still not old) Everyone just ate lunch and is pumped for another day of Smith’s 5th block class! Don’t forget SAT lessons due Friday, the comparison paper due 10/1, and you need 451 by 10/8.
At the beginning of class Smith handed back our SAT lesson from last week and the grade for our word trace presentations. She also showed us an easy way to revise your paper if you can’t make it to writing lab today or Thursday.  Go to this site - http://www.sascurriculumpathways.com/ or Smith’s teacher page and click on the very first link. Welcome to the writing reviser! The login is ahswarriors. All lowercase and no spaces. Copy your paper and paste it into the writing reviser toolbox. Then you can see feedback on your paper, like number of sentences, weak words, and wordy sentences. You definitely should use this even if you go to writing lab.
Then we started reading and discussing scene 3, act 4 of Macbeth. Good job to our actors! If you have any questions, blog, and hopefully someone nice will answer you. If you don’t have a question, try to help your classmates please! Shakespeare wrote this act a little differently due to his extreme use of irony, both verbal and dramatic. Also he introduced a character with real emotions and feeling.  Then the act 4 quiz!
Have a great day!

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