Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010- Wacky Wendnesday

“Hello Smith!” because it was wacky tacky day, I didn’t really know if it was Smith or not. Getting n with today, we went over our SAT vocabulary words. Surprisingly we didn’t have as many questions about our words compared to last week. I still didn’t figure out why but we are now supposed to bring multiple pictures of spam in for our kindergarten activities. Since we are going to have multiple people absent tomorrow, we watched the dagger scenes of Macbeth. Our comparison paper outlines will be due on Monday. Watching these movies, to me, are defiantly a break from the school day… until I realize that we have to write a paper on them. We then talked about how the movies are different and similar. Our papers will be written in the same format as the last paper which was just explaining after making our points in the paragraphs. Class seems to move to quickly when we watch these. But tomorrow another 59 minutes are set aside for English class and Macbeth again

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