Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of Homecoming 9/13/10

We are almost finished Lord of the Flies. Don’t forget to read chapters 9-12 by Monday. Take good annotations after you read so your material is fresh in your mind, but notes are not due until September 27th. SAT exercises for chapter three are due next week, but beware! You must due every exercise I the book except the writing portion on page 43. News Flash! Next year, you will be taking the SAT test as sophomores, do well and you may end up with scholarship money to certain college universities.

Next, went over questions about Lord of the Flies. Simon is going crazy in the previous chapters, no the dead pig does not talk; it is Simon’s extreme state of mind that is leading to the hallucinations we read in the book. We looked over the fact that Simon is shy and he represents a character that is good throughout, he cannot put up with the evil going on around the mountain.

Remember, next time you read a book, research the author in advance so you realize the connection they have that inspired them to write their book, and maybe even understand the novel more.

Cool fact: Lord of the Flies means the same as Beelzebub, which could be a devil or a demon (catching on now?)

Every student split into a group of three and read over each other’s essay’s about Lady Macbeth and the quote you found

After we saved each others’ work, we were assigned a number from 1-5 which determined the word we are to study from the play Macbeth. Then we read through the second act of Macbeth, Act 2. Macbeth now has to decide whether his loyalty to his wife is greater than his loyalty to his king.

Post any questions you have about any of the two books on Mrs. Smith's class blog

Have an awesome homecoming week!!

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