Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black and White Formal Tuesday

Like always we began class with a “hello smith” but because of our very non enthusiastic attempt we had to give it a second shot. We talked about the word trace and what that means a little bit more before we got started, during class whenever you come across a quote that has your assigned word in it, or something relatively close, make sure you write it on the designated postern and also don’t forget to be rereading through Macbeth to find a few you may have missed. A few phrases you will need to know are:
Dramatic irony- this is when a character is not aware of something the audience knows
Ex. Duncan did not know of Macbeth’s plot to murder him
Comic Relief- Shakespeare uses this often, after tragedies to make the audience laugh and feel better
Ex. After the murder of King Duncan, there was a drunken porter who regaled what alcohol could do to a person
In class we read Macbeth Scenes 3 and 4 which if you missed class you will need to read and get some notes from a friend because there were a lot of important events that took place. Homework tonight is to read Lord of the Flies chapters 9-12, SAT vocabulary, and paper edits are due by Thursday. For a little comic relief from the tragedy of homework is remember that tomorrow is the bonfire so get excited everyone.

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  1. Aren't the SAT Lesson 3 Exercises due Friday? You said that they were due on Thursday.