Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anther day in the life of period five!

Class started a little later today. But, as usual Smith came in and welcomed us with the same "Hello class!!" We went over homework then she told us that we might get one more day to work on the word traces with our groups. Smith also mentioned today's cross country meet, which is always quickly responded to by Whitney saying when the next volleyball game is. Soon after the daily PowerPoint we jumped in to reading the rest of Act III in Macbeth. When we finished reading the important scenes of Macbeth, Smith showed us a little bit about webspiration. We did not have to go over prezi since we already got a preview of it during the research about the Elizabethan age before we started Macbeth.

*  annotate LOF (next Monday)
* SAT unit four (questions tomorrow, due Friday)
* word trace information (work on it tomorrow during class)
* edits (tomorrow)
* Macbeth Act III quiz (tomorrow)

*** you can reach the Powerpoint under Smith's page
*** helpful reasource if you are not understand Macbeth
> cross country got first in all divisions today :)

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