Monday, September 20, 2010

A Wonderful Macbeth Monday

As we walked in the door and got our computers we got the usual greeting of "hi everyone" and we all replied "Hi Smith" but then we did some no so usual things. We all took out our calenders and wrote down the homework. Our homework is to finish annotating LOF which will be due on Monday, do our peer edits, due Wednesday, look for our word in the word trace, we will probably present on Thursday or Friday, and we have to do our SAT vocab, lesion 4 is due Friday and there is also a quiz on Friday. After writing down our homework we discussed the end of LOF. There were many questions about the ending of the book. We talked a lot about the beast and how the beast changed through out the book. At the end of the book we decided that the beast was exactly what the littleuns thought, it was the evil inside of us and there was no real beast it was all within us. After finishing our discussion we got to the exciting part! We played musical chairs to exchange our dagger scene outline. We all walked around the room until the music stopped, then once it ended we sat down at a computer close to us and that was the outline we needed to edit. After we loaded the outlines to our flash drives we all sat down and read act 3 scene one of Macbeth and started scene 2!
I hope everyone had a great day and i will see you all tomorrow!

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