Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunny Days and Challenges

It was a warm, sunny day in Centennial, Colorado. The school was abuzz. Friday September 17, 2010 was more than just any ordinary Friday—it was Homecoming Friday, and the class couldn’t wait for a pep rally and enormous football game scheduled for later that day, plus a parade and dance to occur the day after. Unfortunately, Smith rained on our parade in fifth hour with two quizzes that were by no definition easy--but we embraced the challenge! To kick off the class, Smith relayed the homework (Lord of the Flies chapters 9-12 [annotations aren’t due until Monday, September 27], Lord of the Flies blog response, and the comparison outline of the dagger scene in the Macbeth movies due this Monday, the 19th). If you’re anything like me, you haven’t started any of these assignments yet because of the multiple tests on Friday and Homecoming activities, so buckle down and get to work before the weekend wears you down! After jotting down the homework, we turned in our SAT exercises on the stool, and in groups of three tackled the one-page, hot pink, Macbeth quiz, which consisted mostly of quote identification. Here’s a quick riddle for you: What is the best way to consume mushy ham and turkey product at once? SPAM! Remember the pictures of spam we had to print out for Friday’s class? After we finished the Macbeth quiz, we used these photographs to create an advertisement for a new type/line of spam that included all fifteen SAT vocabulary words from Lesson 3 plus context clues. Since classes were ten minutes shorter to allow time for the pep assembly, these challenging quizzes consumed the entire class period. If you missed Friday’s class, be sure to make up the Macbeth and Lesson 3 vocabulary quizzes ASAP and keep up on the homework assignments! Below is a link to instructions/guidelines for writing the Macbeth comparison paper outline. Remember, these outlines need to include an introduction, conclusion, and three body paragraphs each with three main points! Have a terrific Homecoming weekend and keep smiling!

Links to Worksheets to Help with Annotations: (help with asking questions as you read)

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