Friday, September 3, 2010

Setting Goals, SAT, and a Wanted Smith (9/3/10)

Since we are such good students and have been so delightful to have in class Smith decided to let us take it easy today. For the first half of class we had a reality check, we looked back at our first three weeks as warriors at AHS. We wrote about things that are going well for us, things that are challenging or concerning us, and finally we set three goals, one specifically related to English, one goal related to anything at AHS, and one thing outside of AHS. These goals were to be answered in full sentences and had to have a what, why and how, in order to make these goals achievable. For the second part of class we did our SAT quiz, however instead of doing a plain old paper and pencil quiz, Smith decided to liven it up. Our assignment: to make a wanted poster for Smith with a description of her crime in which we had to incorporate all of our vocabulary words. The wanted poster also had to be bright and colorful!

Our homework for this weekend is to read chapters 4 – 6 of Lord of The Flies, there is a blog post that we have to respond to, and make sure you have you outline comparing the three portrayals of Act 1 of Macbeth from the movies on flash drive by Tuesday! Remember to title your outline with your first name, last initial, than Macbeth Outline. (i.e. MaggieH Macbeth Outline)

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