Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Profuse Amounts of Blood in Macbeth (period 2)

Tuesday the 21st. Today was one of the few days that the class did not have to repeat our usual “Hello Smith!” (Even though it was pretty mediocre.) The homework:
  • annotate LOF
  • do lesson 4 of the SAT (all five exercises)
  • the peer edits for the dagger scene are due tomorrow
  • Act 3 quiz is also tomorrow.

So if you missed today then you should probably read Act 3 of Macbeth about five times through. Andrea, you better be reading this because your absence today really let your fellow murderers down! We started with Act 3, scene 2 which takes place at Macbeth’s new palace. He and Lady Macbeth talk about how they have been having terrible dreams about the killing of Duncan and Macbeth tells of something awful that will happen this night but will not elaborate. Lady Macbeth is still unsatisfied and wonders if there is more that they have to do to be happy.
                Act 3, scene 3. Two murderers are standing outside and a third one appears. They are confused as to why there is a third and are almost too distracted when horses come around the corner. They jump on Banquo and kill him. Banquo knows what has happened and tells his son, Fleance, to run away. So the murderers failed in half their mission.
                Act 3, scene 4. A banquet begins and the first murderer tells Macbeth that Fleance escaped.  Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo sitting in his seat and Lady Macbeth makes excuses for his insanity. After all the guests leave, Macbeth decides to go find the witches the next day to figure out why all these crazy things are happening to him. You’d think he would realize that he brought all of this upon himself….
                Act 3, scene 5. The witch’s boss scolds them for giving Macbeth a prophecy. But she’s a bit of a hypocrite because she decides to mess with Macbeth’s confidence and this will eventually lead to his downfall.
                Ac t 3, scene 6. Now both Macduff and Lennox suspect Macbeth. Macduff goes to England to retrieve Malcolm because he just wants Macbeth out.
                We took a look at different ways to do a presentation. Some options are a prezi, webspiration, and a couple others that Smith will explain tomorrow. Study up!!

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