Monday, September 20, 2010

Musical Chair Monday- September 20, 2010 Smith's English

Today, in english, Smith started out with the usual, "everyone pull out your planners", to read us this weeks assignments. In case you didn't get the homework, here it is... remember to annotate Lord of the Flies. That is due next Monday, September 27. Our edit on the Macbeth dagger scene outline is due Wednesday and keep working on word trace for you groups. We will probably be presenting  Thursday or Friday. Lastly, SAT chapter four has been assigned, due Friday like always. Remember when you are annotating to put your brain "in" the book! You can keep a journal, write a blog, or take notes in the book. Whatever works best for you. After planning out in our heads how we were going to complete all this homework, Smith switched us over to discussing Lord of the Flies. Many questions were asked. The questions and answers can be found here. After we got all questions clarified, we got our dagger scene outlines ready and played musical chairs to exchange them. How it worked was we danced around the room until the music stopped, whichever computer we ended up at, we got that outline! After that fun exchange, we continued back to our seats to read Macbeth Act 3 scene one and part of two. Have a great rest of your Monday and good luck with the homework!

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