Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2; Old Plays, New Actors, and a Blog

       Today in English we checked out our Macbeth play books, which is actually a good thing because without the book, I’m pretty sure lots of us would still not be able to understand the incomprehensible dialogue from the movies.  The Online Text for Macbeth is also available and is a great way to make annotations. You do this by highlighting a phrase then going to the review tab and clicking New Comment.  Today was a writing lab as well as next Tuesday and Wednesday. Today we also started our Macbeth play with amusing roles from three brave volunteers to play witches. In the next scene some new found actors came up with their “swords” and really got into their roles.
       Homework for today is to finish our vocabulary unit and there is a test tomorrow on unit one.  Our other homework is to make an outline for Tuesday with the correct requirements for our Macbeth papers.  If you are having trouble understanding Shakespeare, you can type in No Fear Shakespeare on Google and go to the link Macbeth to help you.  And lastly, don’t forget to comment on our class blog on questions about Macbeth!

The correct requirements for our Macbeth papers are as follows:

Intro paragraph
  •        Attention getter

o   Explain
o   Questions
o   Description words
o   Interesting facts
o   quote
  •        Provide background information on topic/text

o   Brief/ one to two sentences
o   Short and to the point/ needs to just introduce and hint at things
  •        Thesis statement!!!

o   Titles, producer/director, comparison
o   3 reasons
Body Paragraph 1 and 2
  •        Topic sentence- Main topic

o   Set up first example from thesis
§  Example
§  Explain
§  Transition
§  Set up next example
§  Example
§  Explain
§  Transition
§  Set up example 3
§  Example
§  Explain
§  *compare*
§  Concluding sentence

  •         Restatement of thesis
  •        Review of body paragraphs
  •        End with a satisfying conclusion and tie back to the attention getter
Good Luck!!!

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