Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today is Thursday, and we have a pretty busy schedule. So here’s our homework for tonight: Opening Scene outline due tomorrow, Act 1 Quiz on Macbeth tomorrow, SAT 2 due tomorrow, Lady Macbeth outline and written due Monday. For the Lady Macbeth essay, which Smith had to continuously repeat, you outline the intro, first paragraph, and conclusion. Then you write those out.

So today we’re most watching the Lady Macbeth videos for the outline. In your Macbeth book, it is scene 5, starting on page 31. The companies are the same from the opening scenes; here they are for a refresher: Royal Shakespeare Company, English Shakespeare Company, and Roman Polansky. We had some technical difficulties with the Roman Polansky version, but thankfully it was fixed! Here are the actresses for each company: Dame Judi Dench – Royal Shakespeare Company, Gretta Scacchi – English Shakespeare Company, Francesca Annis – Roman Polansky.

Since I can’t find the videos to put on the blog, here are my notes so you can get a general picture of what happened in the films. Just copy the link and put it in the URL bar.

Once we finished watching the videos, we had an open discussion for reviewing our quiz. Here were some questions and answers about Macbeth Act 1:

Ø Q: Is Lady Macbeth a witch? She summons spirits, but isn’t a widow.

o She could have been doing that to give herself courage to kill the king

o Connection between King James’ mother and Lady Macbeth?

o Witch doesn’t have to call on dark spirits because they are already connected

Ø Q: Was Lady Macbeth literally trying to summon dark spirits?

o Yes; she doesn’t have the guts to commit the murder on her own, calling on spirits to make herself “be a man”

o No; superstitious

Ø Q: In the beginning of Roman Polansky’s Macbeth, what did the witches bury?

o A severed arm and a noose; symbols for later

Ø Q: “Your face, my Thane, is as a book where men may read strange matters.”

o Lady Macbeth is saying people can read Macbeth’s face like a book

o She wants him to look innocent on the outside, evil on the inside; gilded

§ Everything about Macbeth needs to maintain a façade

Ø Q: When witch gets mad at the woman with the chestnuts

o Witches punishing a small act in an extreme way

o Shows spiteful/vengefulness of witches

Ø Q: What is the letter Lady Macbeth reads in her speech?

o From Macbeth telling her about the witches’ prophecy

Ø Q: Witches talk to whom about “lesser than Macbeth, and greater. Not so happy, yet much happier”

o Banquo is lesser because he won’t be king, but his children will be

o Banquo has longer legacy, happier in the long run

Ø Q: did witches ever tell Macbeth to kill Macbeth?

o No, Macbeth’s idea alone

Ø Q: When did Macbeth start believing witch prophecy

o Didn’t believe at first

o When messangers come about Thane of Cawdor, Macbeth is surprised, but now thinking about being king

Ø Q: Witches

o Banquo distrusts them

o They are creatures of evil

o They tell what you get, but not how; maybe better to wait than to act

o Macbeth acted on his own to make the prophecy true

Ø Q: Does Macbeth have any children?

o Not that we know of

o Lady Macbeth hints at once having a child, because she’s breast-fed a child before; what happened to that child?

Ø Q: Will we see witches again?

o Yes

Ø Q:what is class order?

o King Duncan

o Malcolm (Prince of Cumberland) and Donalbain

o Thanes; Macbeth

Ø Q: How did Macbeth gain title “Thane of Cawdor”

o He was executed because of betrayal

o Macbeth was given the title for being so loyal

Ø Q: Who fought?

o Norway and Thane of Cawdor v. King Duncan

o Duncan wins

Ø Q: Who else did Macbeth kill?

o Macdonowald; sliced him open, cut off his head, and placed it on a spite.

The quiz is detailed. Here are some tips:

v There is a number of quotes in which you have to identify the speaker, so be sure to know the characters.

v Main speakers: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and witches.

v The difference between monologue and aside: Monologue, everyone can hear. Aside, between one or two characters, privately.

Good luck everyone! Study hard.

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