Monday, September 27, 2010


In second hour English today, we finished up the last of the presentations and handed in our Lord of the Flies books including annotations. Congratulations to the hand and blood groups; you made it through the presentations! Backtracking slightly, remember, we have some SUPER important work to do this week: a possible Quiz over Act IV in MacbethFahrenheit 451 is to be in class be October 8th, (the usual) SAT Vocab lesson 5, and the Scene Comparison Paper is due on Friday, October 3rd. REMEMBER: FOR ADDITIONAL HELP, WRITING LAB IS EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY IN THE STUDY CENTER. 

Leaping back to the presentations...

  • Key Points: hands need cleansing and are dirty from the sins they commit, Macbeth says it the most
  • Represented: guilt, death, literal blood, evil
  • Key Points: it showed great connections between night (the need for cover of the actions), sleep (the death represented by blood), and hand (the need for blood to be washed away and cleansed), Macbeth and Lady Macbeth say blood the most
Tips for Presentations:
  • Look at the audience... NOT THE SCRENE
    • This doesn't mean the visual should show any less effort, but that you merely should KNOW what you're talking about
  • How can this be fixed:
    • Take notes up with you, there's nothing wrong with a note card
      • Try recreating a scene to entice the audience and draw them in
    • Think OUTSIDE of the box
      • Remember the guidelines from previous presentations, but remember to EXPAND your horizons and PUSH your limits
    • Ask for extra time if you and your group need it
After we finished the presentations, we continued on to read Act IV, Scenes 1 and 2 of Macbeth. Smith gave the class a HUGE HINT before we even began the reading: "This scene is incredibly different" but we, as a class are left to figure out why.

Key points of Today's reading:
  • The Apparitions:
    1. The Armed Head: stated Macbeth should beware of Macduff
    2. The Bloody Child: said that no child born of a woman will hurt him
    3. The Child with the tree branch: told him of the successions of Banquo's descend and Birnamwood (a forest) must move to Dunsinane hill
      • This one still hasn't mush meaning yet, but Smith says we'll know soon enough
    • REMEMBER: the witches are out to make Macbeth over confident: by sharing these snippets of prophecies, he gets an extreme boost
      • They aren't lying to him, they just aren't giving the full truth
  • Lady Macduff:
    • She's angry at Macduff for leaving her and makes it clear (to her son) that he is a traitor
      • However, she doesn't know that Macduff is trying to save their country
    • She and her son get murdered because Macduff wasn't there to be slain by another one of Macbeth's killers
      • Remember: "With blood, there will be blood."
That's just about it for English today! Good luck this week!

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