Thursday, September 16, 2010

SPAM-tastic Sporty Thursday!

We started off the day with the usual “HELLO SMITH!” Then we exchanged our edits for the Lady Macbeth scene essays and outlines. I find editing fun because I just recently discovered how to do track changes and comments!

Next we did the word trace. Here are the five words: man, blood, sleep, night, and last but not least, hand. We found our assigned words in our Macbeth books and wrote them down to discuss them. The key is to look for connections to a tragic hero and what it takes to CTS (that’s challenging the system for any of you who don’t know). Using quotes from the word trace, the class was split into groups and we interpreted how the words were used in the play Macbeth.

Word trace

· Connections

o Tragic hero: actions lead to demise, has to have fatal/tragic flaw takes over them, Gilded image between real image and what’s inside, start from position of nobility and falls, audience needs to learn something; catharsis – cleansing, something good must come, tragic hero makes mistake and realizes it

o CTS: futile system (Macbeth), civilization/survival/fear /democratic – Ralph v. dictatorship – Jack (LOF), first be part of the system, think something is wrong and want to fix it, perseverance, determination, confidence, against society, not afraid to do what’s needed, curiosity/thinking differently – outside the box, organization – have to have a plan, needs follower/supporter

· Who says it the most?

· Connotations?

· Interpretations

Our homework for the night is reading LOF 9-12, SAT exercises, outline paper on the Dagger Scene due Monday, and to bring colored SPAM pictures and words.

That was all for today! Here's a link to Smith's teacher pages to see our agenda for the week. Click on week 4. I hope everyone's having a great Homecoming Week!

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