Friday, September 10, 2010

How About a Friday PICK Me Up?

Thank goodness it’s Friday. The weekend is almost here! Too bad everyone who missed school today has two quizzes to make up. Our first quiz was on Macbeth. We took it with two other partners; thank goodness I would have completely failed otherwise. It was a quiz over the first act of Macbeth. I must admit that I did not understand some of the questions. I would recommend that if you are taking the quiz at a later date that you should reread the material and understand everything. I good web site to try is No Fear Shakespeare it defiantly helped me understand the text.

The next quiz we took was over our SAT vocabulary words. We had to make up pick up lines that each involved a different vocabulary word. We did it with the same groups that we took our Macbeth quiz with. If you have to take the quiz next week I recommend you study a lot and turn on your cheesy pick up like side.


Girl: I have boyfriend.

Boy: Emendation, you had a boyfriend.

HOMEWORK: over the weekend we have to write up our outlines for the Lady Macbeth essays. We must outline and write out the intro, 1st body paragraph, and conclusion. Then we must also read Lord of the Files chapter 7-8.

Everyone have a great weekend! And by the way this is Rachel posting. I had some issues so I just used Maggie’s blogger account

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